Progress and Madness

Progress and Madness

Are we, the humans, happier than in previous centuries?

Are we living longer and healthier lives?

Do we have better mental and psychological health?

Do we see far fewer crimes and criminal activities in our societies?

Do we have more caring and less corrupt governments and politicians?

Are we freer?

Are we leading better lives now than a century ago?

The answers to all these and many more similar questions are not straight, yes!

An inaudible and omnipresent voice murmurs in our ears constantly lest we forget that we have made progress! 

We have advanced technology, the Internet, computers, mobiles phones, Jet engines, airplanes, artificial hearts, space programs, and electric cars but are we living better?

Gain/Loss law :

For everything we gain, we have to give something equal or greater!

The balance in nature is an ever-forceful and unforgiving law. Some call it Karma!

When I was in high school, and where I went to high school, we were not allowed to use calculators even for most complex calculations. We used our brains.

The education system handed over the calculators to the students, and it dulled the mental sharpness, which is the greatest gift of working with numbers.

We cannot find an address without a GPS! We don’t even know how to deal with such a dire situation!

Does anybody know how to write a letter, use a fountain pen, or anything about cursive writing? Forget about spelling!

No, we don’t need those things. We have our computers and our word processor software, which does it all for us. 

We email each other, and we will never have a chance to experience the joy and exhilaration of receiving a letter from a loved one or a friend and recognizing the handwriting before we open it! 

Every step in so-called progress has pushed us further into a world with no soul, no-touch, smell, and senses.

Although we have mobile phones, we prefer to use “Short Message Service” (SMS) and “text” each other! Even “texting” has its shortcodes and abbreviations!


  1. TL;DR: Too long, didn’t read
  2. ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing
  3. IMHO: In my humble opinion

And many such nonsensical!

How long will it be before a future generation does not even remember the true roots of these short blurbs! 

Imagine a group of people with a new pseudolanguage born from a whole language only 30 years prior!

What makes the case much worse is the fact that this garbage is international! It doesn’t matter where you live or what your mother tongue is; you communicate with BRB, WTF, ROFL, and such.

You have to express your opinions in 280 characters, or less, to use Twitter. What kind of attention span can such people possess that cannot read more than 280 characters? Everything is TL;DR (Too long, didn’t read).

And if you think that’s bad, consider looking into emojis!!!

So, based on my law of Gain/Loss, we must have lost a lot to gain the privilege of using Twitter:

  • We have lost the greatest virtue, which is patience.
  • We have lost our attention span.
  • We have lost our writing skills.
  • We have lost our modesty and become narcissists, as we expect to get instant gratification for what we say in 280 characters or less!

The damage of social network platforms is well known to everybody, yet billions of people use them constantly; right there, you can see that we have lost self-respect!

Worst of all, we have lost our common sense and critical thinking!

We drive electric cars and boast about “Zero Emission”! Yet, so dumb and fail to ask:

Where the electric power comes from, which we use to charge our damn new toy?

How long do the lithium batteries last, and what’s the mining process to extract lithium from the earth?

How long do the lithium deposits of the earth last?

As long as the car has no exhaust, it’s clean!

Our so-called progress has turned earth into a giant garbage planet. We have damaged earth ecosystems to some irreparable levels. 

The wealthiest nations have exploited the poorest to gain access to their resources and cheap labor force and commit atrocities against the earth.

We boast about our wind turbines and solar panels, and they cook birds in the sky, kill them in their blades, and slaughter them, but they produce clean energy—the gain/loss law. 

We live in a new age of space race. This race is among nations and also corporations! And yet, none of these billions of dollars spent has sent a living thing beyond earth and into outer space! Our space program is more like high-altitude airplanes! 

Have you seen the picture of the earth from space? Our earth’s orbit is more like a junkyard. Millions of pieces of space debris have turned the earth’s orbit into an obstacle course.

Starlinks program has put over 1600 satellites into the eath’s low-orbit! So far.

We have satellite internet at the price of turning the earth low-orbit into a junkyard and making it harder and harder for stargazers and astronomers to see the heavens! Too much light!

Next will be “Space Tourist Industry” when ordinary people paying 200K-300K can fly to the space for 10 minutes and see the earth from that altitude!

And all along, our so-called advanced technologies use the good ole propulsion system, which is nothing but the force of an explosion, to lift off!

Falcon Heavy is SpaceX’s heavy rocket, and it burns a lot of fuel (kerosene AKA refined Oil), Oxygen, and other stuff, which creates a lot of carbon dioxide when burnt! So much for NetZero carbon plans!

I love to see how they use lithium batteries and solar-powered cells, to lift off a Falcon Heavy.

So, when it comes to space, we have not gained much! We have lost a lot. I don’t believe that we even satisfied our curiosity. 

Three thousand years ago, Sumerians, Egyptians, and Mayans knew most of what we know today about the solar system! 

An ancient story tells the tale of a stargazer walking at night and staring at the night sky. He failed to see the pitfall on his way and fell. A passer-by, who had noticed the stargazer, came to his rescue. 

“I noticed you were watching the sky and not your step,” said the passer-by.

“I was trying to recognize the constellation, Orion.” Said the stargazer. 

“Maybe you should recognize where you are going first!”.

There is a planet with life on it, and it needs all of our attention, and that’s earth.

Let’s take a look at our medical advances.

What we call drugs today are nothing but chemicals made by pharmaceutical companies, with hazardous side effects for the short and temporary relief they offer.

The worst of the worst are in the business of making new drugs and pushing them through a network of medical institutions and even international organizations, such as the World Health Organization.

Medical schools are funded and directed only that the vicious cycle of disease, drugs, more disease, and more drugs never gets interrupted!

Government organizations approve a drug only to a few years later recall it for its excessive harm and piled up law suites!

I.G. Farben was a powerful cartel comprised of Bayer, BASF, Hoechst, and other German chemical companies. The cartel experimented mercilessly on Jewish prisoners as Hitler commanded, inside the World War II Auschwitz Concentration Camp, testing dangerous drugs and vaccines and killing thousands.

After World War II and during the Nuremberg Trials, the tribunal 

convicted 24 of the I.G. Farben executives for mass murder, slavery, and other crimes against humanity; however, in less than seven years, every single murderer was released and began consulting American pharmaceutical corporations.

We have created new diseases and illnesses that did not exist a century ago! 

Chemical, synthetic pesticides, and sodium fluoride contaminate U.S. tap water, but it helps our teeth!!!! 

If you watch T.V. actors, Hollywood crowd, and media superstars, you will find dummies with beautiful sets of teeth! That’s how they sell this fantastic progress to us.

I don’t deny that some procedures have saved lives, such as the variety of heart surgeries and organ transplants. But if we put the contributions of medical science on one side and the damages and harms on the other side, we don’t have a winner at best!

What used to be called the Art of Healing is now called Medicine, to emphasize it’s an art of selling drugs!

Let’s not get into the greatest blunder of all times, the mRNA vaccines! 

Even the corrupt medical establishments have realized, and to justify the existence of the mRNA vaccines, they ended changing the definition of the vaccine! Everything goes if the price is right!

Humanity in the 21st century is devoid of faith.


We have doctors who wish death for their patients if they are not vaccinated; this alone is enough to understand that we are not dealing with the same ethics and morals that we expected from the “healers” of a hundred years ago. We have “Doctors” and not “Healers.” These doctors “practice medicine and prescribe drugs”!

Many Westerners leave the “highly advanced medical system” to seek health and wellness among indigenous people of the most remote areas of the earth, where the damned progress has not yet reached!

In the 21st century, we are witnessing the birth of a medical tyranny! Where is the gain here! It’s all loss and more regrets.

Aside from the mess in our technologies, Medical science, education, and industries, our humanity has eroded significantly compared to a hundred years ago!

 Humanity in the 21st century is devoid of faith.

Campaign against family, and faith that had started decades ago, has brought its bitter fruits. The nuclear family is “outmoded” and old-fashioned. Belief in God is ridiculed, and religion is equivalent to superstition. It’s a white privilege!

What will fill the void left from the loss of faith? Fear, despair, and hopelessness.

Record suicide, depression, anxiety, mental illnesses, child abuse, drug, and alcohol abuse are the aftermaths of removing faith from our lives.

What such a population did not need was prolonged lockdowns! Which was forced by the governments of the world with an iron fist!

In the 21st century in the United States of America, we have renewed segregation and apartheid.

The scientific and medical establishment prescribed more drugs and more potent tranquilizers in response to the rampant mental and psychological issues. The promise of science has proven to be empty and hallow. 

Lies and more lies from the local and federal governments sewed the seeds of division and what we see today is the results of decades of sabotage and treason on the side of those who became career politicians.

Politicians declare war, and we march to fight it for them. We give our lives and treasures, and they reap the benefits of it. 

We are the country’s blood and treasure.

The reek of politics has reached high heavens.

In the 21st century, and the so-called democratic countries, we witness injustice, the beating of people in streets, and actions of brutal law enforcement, crushing of the ordinary people, and all along, they tell us:

It’s to keep you safe!

It’s as if demons and evil spirits have possessed all the authorities. But no, wait, we don’t believe in hocus pocus. They are just opportunists, and it’s all about business and nothing personal against the people.

The government of the people, by the people, and for the people, has turned into the government of the elites, against the people and at the expense of the people!

No. This is damnation and regression to a point in history which we cannot even find it! This is not progress.

Human trafficking, sex slaves, rampant pedophilia, and so many other vices are fruits of progress!

What was considered unimaginable only 20 years ago is a norm today! Truth is what the T.V. personalities and Internet “Influencers” want it to be! Even the fundamental dictates of nature are to be toppled and replaced by delusional and insane ideas. 

They encourage us to stop having children to save the earth! Save the planet for whom? We must first save the world from these liars and perpetrators of the worst evil.

The government is openly abusing its power and overstepping its authority. 

In the 21st century in the United States of America, we have renewed segregation and apartheid. This time your medical history and choices put you at odds with the authorities. We are a few steps away from the yellow star armbands of Nazis, and “show your papers” of the Gestapo are already here.

And all the while, people seem to be blind, deaf, and mute to what’s threatening to destroy what’s left of the greatest country ever existed in human history.

We fight amongst each other, and the real enemy is laughing at us!

We see the growing tyranny and turn a blind eye and pretend that it’s alright we have to deal with this “virus.” All we do is for the greater good.

Nobody bothers to ask or tell what this greater good is! 

We are Masked, drugged, afraid, confused, and lost in a dreamlike life. We want to go back to normal. 

Nobody knows what “the normal” was anymore!

Our progress has brought us to our knees. 

We have lost our instinct and replaced it with devices, methods, and machines.

Our progress has turned us into what our overlords have started to call us: Cancers on earth! 

Demented, and perverted humans in the 21st Century

Our progress has been at the expense of our relationship with God, nature, earth, and humanity. Nothing worth this price and no gain can cover our loss.

Those who promote progress are the same who are planning to “fix” the earth’s problems. They plan “The Great Reset.”

They have “formulas” for reducing the carbon output, and the first variable is the “people.”

They plan to replace us with machines, robots, and drones and merge themselves with machines!

They strive to bring about the age of Transhumanism. The “elites” are done with us!

Self-righteous billionaires and corporate elites, heads of organizations, and CEOs of the pharmaceutical companies decide what should happen to humanity next, and we satisfy their every whim—sheepishly going to the slaughterhouse. 

The Great Reset

Humanity has always been at the center of every battle between good and evil, darkness and light.

Humanity was never allowed to wake up to realize that it is the reason for the universe’s existence. That humans are to become equals to gods and to reach the highest summits of knowledge.

We must have our version of great reset. We must go back to our roots, every nation, and group to what it held holy and sacred. We must seek and apply the old stolen knowledge that enabled our ancestors to lead healthy lives, in peace with nature, and respect for mother earth.

 Only then, when we cast away the chains of slavery, and the entire humanity in one voice say No, that’s enough, we would be able to claim what we are created to become, to be with God, become the crown of his creation and to be guardians of the earth.

What a privilege to be alive these days, to not only witness the fall of everything evil but participate in the final battle of light and goodness against darkness, tyranny, and corruption. 

What a great honor to show the evildoers what we have known for thousands of years, that :

As you sow, so shall you reap