Origami Theory- Theory of Everything

origami theory- Theory of Everything

For many decades we have been facing a fundamental dilemma in physics. This is because the physicists realized around a hundred years ago that Newtonian equations do not work for subatomic particles. In other words, we have a science of physics that only works for macroscopic objects and when we apply the same rules to a tiny object (anything lighter than 20 micrograms) we get wrong results. So, they created a new set of principles and formulae which are called quantum mechanics. Unlike the classical equations that contain one to three simple variables such as distance or mass, each one of these modern equations contains multiple variables that have a very complex meaning as well as undecided mathematical value and uncertain behavior, besides the results of the equations are a wide range of statistical probabilities, instead of a transparent outcome.

In the early 20th century, some physicists realized that most likely the Newtonian system is as unfitting as the Quantum mechanics but the majority decided in the end to keep both, each one dealing with its own domain. As of the year 2022, for ordinary, visible subjects we use the usual, classical equations, but for the invisible elite, we utilize the sophisticated quantum mechanics, with no conclusive answers. For example, when you ask a modern physicist about the location of a traveling car at a certain time, he would tell you with certainty, based on the mass of the car, its direction, and velocity. However, if you ask him about the location of a traveling electron in a cable on his desk, he would say, “The position of the electron right at this very moment, is virtually in a range of probabilities from here in the wire on my desk up to 384000 kilometers away on the surface of the moon, virtually to the end of the universe, so this means that the electron could be located in many places at the very same moment, and we will never be able to ascertain its exact location.” Must be much easier to say, “I don’t know”.

The Standard Model with its noncreative title, at its furthest ambition, tries only to explain the baryonic matter in the universe, leaving 95% of our world as an unsolved enigma. The model completely denies any possible role for gravity, even the slightest effect in the quantum world. The standard Model and the current quantum mechanics picture a world for us that is entirely uncertain, delusional, and even nonexistent. After centuries of arguing over the nature of light, we are now told that light, and in fact, everything in the universe is made of particles that are at the same time waves.

This means when particles get together and create a car, we know where they are, but when the particles are traveling alone, each of these single particles somehow becomes a wide range of trillions of particles at every single moment of time and can be anywhere in the universe. However, as soon as we observe any of these particles, all of them collapse into one single particle again (the Collapse of Wave) and act as a single particle again, therefore we will never be able to locate them even mathematically.

To make things even more absurd, our intelligence is challenged with ideas such as superposition that claims a particle is in many places as far as another side of the universe, at any exact moment. We are also to believe and try to imagine the existence of more than four dimensions, which is called the Space-Time Fabric of the Universe. This Space-Time Fabric is clearly beyond the comprehension of the human mind because it has more than three dimensions and everybody knows that a normal mind cannot combine space with time and create a carpet that has four dimensions. This invisible, beyond-imagination modality, also bends around any mass and this is why things accelerate when they approach a mass. It is absolutely impossible to imagine a four-dimensional thing let alone, bend it in our head around a ball of mass. Now, the definition of mass is, “the resistance that a body of matter offers to a change in its speed or position upon the application of a force.” This awful definition uses the term matter which is supposedly trying to define, as well as utilizing other complex features of resistance, speed, force, and position that are not yet defined either. In most physics lectures, we see the drawn picture of a two-dimensional fabric that is curved by a heavy ball sitting on it, but no one has ever been able to even create a picture of an imaginary four-dimensional object made of space and time, because any form of image that we develop, will eventually have three dimensions at its best. One of the most prominent physicists who lectures at MIT, says in his speech in May 2020,

“Less than a handful of extraordinarily intelligent physicists have been able to envision and fully comprehend this.”

But he does not mention who has been able to witness, understand and confirm the correctness of the imaginations of these extraordinarily intelligent physicists.
For the first time in the history of science, models that are not even fathomable, are accepted and approved by those who are not able to envision and fully comprehend them. Very similar to the 16th-century church. Arguments that are unimaginable to man’s rational mind have become an accepted reality, and the more difficult to make sense get more credit. Today’s so-called spiritual speakers also use these quantum physics ghostly entities, such as quantum tunneling, entanglement, frequency, and superposition, in order to impress the audience. We have all heard this statement many times, “the frequency of our universe is changing,“ or this one, “When you die you enter a different frequency,“ or another one, “there are beings entering our universe from an interdimensional space, and they have different frequencies.” While we can never find anyone who would be able to clearly define and explain what these statements mean, nobody asks any questions and everyone seems deeply impressed and convinced that they are really learning something.

While the current physical model of our world believes that entire ancient thoughts are a collection of religious myths, at the same time it prophesizes that based on the Uncertainty Principle of Heisenberg any calculation or experiment human beings are going to do, even a million-year future, will definitely be incorrect and we will certainly not be able to locate a particle’s position and momentum with certainty. We are to accept an Uncertainty Principle as a certain and eternal principle.

The new contracted model of unreal reality began by Planck, Heisenberg, and Erwin Schrodinger, and was agreed on by their colleagues in 1927. Since then it is constantly repeated to us that, “We can never find the exact location and/or the momentum of a particle,….We can only calculate the range of statistical probabilities for an object’s location at any given time,…Reality is not an abstract concept….We live in a universe that is uncertain and interwoven into multiple other universes made of many dimensions which are incomprehensible for the human mind.” This clearly means that physicists today instead of admitting the failure of their theory in explaining the reality, try to convince the public that reality is not real.

Such ambiguous statements that are sadly the pillars of our current physics, challenge the common sense of the average intelligent person and attempt to shake even the mathematical basis of our beautiful reality. Sixty years ago, Kurt Gödel presented his ingenious arithmetic Incompleteness Theorem which simply demonstrates that even a glorious mathematical system will have to be either incomplete or inconsistent. But such an understanding of universe will only leave us in more darkness and confusion.

In this book we will find out together that the universe is simply made of two complementing systems, one consistent and incomplete, the other one complete but inconsistent. The combination of these twines creates one world that we know as our consistent and complete universe. Such a universe has to rotate to exist and will not allow any retrograde time travel to the past. Any other incomplete or inconsistent worlds had the defect of allowing time travel to the past, which caused their destruction. This is why every imperfect universe, has already self-destructed. This simply means, our current universe, is the only perfect, consistent and complete reality. A reality more elegant than any music, more glorious than any mountain, a reality that is ours.

This book’s mission is simply to prove that we do really live, and we are not trapped inside a holographic or an absurd delusional ecosphere with so many dimensions that are beyond our comprehension. Such drug-induced, psychotic delusions are only the product of incompetent minds that have financial influence to sit their ideas on the throne of today’s scientific society. Interestingly, the most prominent scientist that speaks their ideas to the public and is repeatedly introduced as the most intelligent man on the planet, Stephen Hawking has not been able to utter a single word for more than twenty-five years. We are told that IBM company miraculously invented the magic computer more than three decades ago that was able to read Hawking’s mind based on the twitches of the only little muscle still functioning in his cheek or his eye and tell us what he was thinking. Out of hundreds of articulate scientists, only Hawking was always presented on the highest world stage, with a Machine speaking on his behalf:

” Everything is random and massive black holes will eventually swallow the entire world, taking it back to its original nothingness.”

It has become customary in our era to believe that a large part of physics is beyond our comprehension and even our brightest minds do not really grasp these complex phenomena, but these super complex theories have somehow been proved to our scientific leaders. The truth is that a good theory should be explainable to a fourteen-year-old. This emphasizes how crucial is for the acceptability of a theory to be understandable and sensible in the first place. Statements such as “our world is a complete illusion” “observing the experiment changes the outcome”, or “universe started from an infinitely dense mass (its particles closer than Planck Length to each other) which came from nothing (against the laws of thermodynamics) and suddenly exploded with infinitely fast speed (higher than the speed of light)”, have two great features: First, they are wrong, and second, they add no useful information to the human mind.
Human superiority over animals is his common sense, not his academic credentials. Common sense tells us that any abstract ideas which state that our world is not real, or it is beyond our comprehension or it will never be understood by us or it will eventually be annihilated, are simply not true because it contradicts its own validity.

For centuries, the greatest physicists argued about the nature of light. Most believed that light was a wave until Newton proved that it is made of particles. Then the Standard Model stepped in and suggested the most ambiguous statement:

“Light is made of particles and it is also a wave.”

This not only adds no information to our understanding of light, it creates enormous confusion. In order to solve this completely nonsense statement, they use more and more meaningless terms such as “Collapse of the Wave Function when the particle is observed,” Claiming that a particle is also a wave at the same time which is located in many places simultaneously. To justify the issue of superposition, they present probabilities and statistics and claim that we can only guess with no certainty where the particle is. Compared with the older incorrect theories about light, the current model is fundamentally malignant because it is not only horrendously wrong, it tries to deceive us about the reality of our home.

If a hypothesis is based on a notion that is not clearly comprehensible, it is not going to enhance our knowledge of the universe, it will never be provable or disprovable, and by definition, it is not a scientific finding. So many brilliant, young minds struggle at university to somehow understand the Schrödinger’s wave equation, and when they realize that it means that a cat could be at the same time dead and alive, instead of admitting that it is simply an incorrect equation, they wrestle with their brain cells to accommodate the bizarre idea of the probabilities of simultaneous locations. Then they put on a proud smile and come to their struggling friends, announcing, “Ahh…finally,…..I got it…wow…it’s so complex…”
The current models and theories are packed with newly coined jargon, decorated with numerous strange variables, and mobilized with statistical sticks, to make them too sophisticated to be incorrect.

Schrodinger’s cat is a well-known example of pure misunderstanding of physics in our century because if Schrodinger was really so bright, he would have been able to bring a clear, understandable definition for time, before trying to play with it. The truthful scientist will admit his lack of knowledge when his theory is not able to describe a phenomenon, but in the current model of quantum mechanics, our scientists expand their statistical manifestation of reality to every corner of human life in order to destroy any trace of hope that is left for man to find the truth even in future. We are told to accept that if you can see a chair and touch it with your hands, it does not mean that chair is real and it is in the room in front of your eyes, but because the probability of the chair being there is more than its probability to be on the moon, and therefore there is always a small possibility that the chair is actually in front of you and also at the same time, it is on the other side of the moon.

“Don’t try to understand it, reality is much more complicated than our fathers thought.”

Suddenly we are faced with a very aloof, arrogant, and aristocratic universe that has fastidiously chosen a handful of sacred scientists and granted them the intelligence to understand it and other people just shut up and follow them. Even God is more friendly than the universe that our scientists have imagined for us. Even Big Foot is less blurry than the reality that quantum mechanics has cooked for us.

The current Standard Model is founded on statistical physics, and every day we see more statistical contamination infiltrating other domains of science: medicine, chemistry, and cosmology. Anytime they are not sure, they state it with statistics. Truth and statistics are two arch enemies. Truth is existent and unalterable. Statistics are unreal and variable, impossible to prove or disprove. We know that nothing is ever repeated in our universe, this means statistics are always incorrect, since statistics are based on repeated, identical experiments, while the universe does not allow any phenomenon to repeat itself because the time and location of a particle constantly change.

We knew from ancient times that one cannot wash his hands in the same river twice, so how could we talk about the percentage of the probability of the occurrence of an event. In other words, we would never be able to toss a coin in the same circumstances even twice, so how could we create a percent value for the chance of head or tail to happen. They have only assumed that if we repeat the same experiment in exactly identical circumstances so many times, then we will have a number representative of something called the possibility of that outcome. This is when we know very well that assumption is to do with religion, not science. This concept of assumption and making agreements and contracts over unknown features of the universe and calling it science has resulted in a cult today that does not allow anyone who is not willing to sign the agreement to speak out. Another great example is the electrical current in a conductor. The current model says that electricity is a current of electrons flowing in a conductor from the negative pole to the positive pole. However, the scientists have decided to demonstrate the direction of the electrical current in opposite direction, from positive to negative. It is impossible for a rational mind to find the logic for such ritualistic decisions.

In this book we read about a different model that is called Origami Model. Origami Model is based on the simplest way of understanding the universe, because the truth is always clear and understandable for all, not absurd and confusing. This model explains the fundamental structure of the universe, it solves the current conflicts and disparities in the Standard Model, and also predicts the behavior of matter with no ambiguous features such as wave-particle dualities that only disorients us further. Origami Model is based on the foundation that all modalities in our universe such as mass, space, location, time, and velocity are all created by different behaviors of time; just as the various shapes in the art of origami are produced by different folds of the same paper. The foundation of the Origami Model is based on the following two basic concepts:
• Firstly, time is the only dimension in the universe. Time is quantized and it reveals itself as what we perceive as mass, time, and space(locality). The speed of time (which will be defined and explained later) has been constantly accelerating since the beginning of the universe;
• Secondly, gravity is the only fundamental force. Gravity is analog, and it is the order which we perceive as the force. Therefore, gravity has direction and it is a dipolar (not scalar) order. It is the gravity that creates direction in the digital units of time. This means gravity may manifest itself as repulsion or attraction, producing various features, behaviors, and phenomena involving matter (time). The two directions of gravity produce the two opposite orders in digits of time, which we know as Matter and Anti-matter.

This simply means everything that we see around us is made of time. Gravity is the unseen (nothing) will that decides and puts the units of time in order, creating the world in front of our eyes.
All aspects of this basis are to be observationally demonstrated and mathematically proved throughout this book. Based on these two simple principles, Origami Model provides a simple model of our universe that is consisted of only two entities: Time and Gravity. To create the world, you only need two items:
Time which is 1 and Gravity which is 0.

We will see the fundamental truth that what we perceive as NOTHING, is actually the gravity, the core of our universe. Gravity is timeless so it has no time, mass, size, or location. Gravity exists independent of time. Therefore, the absolute vacuum that we call “nothing”, does not exist. Gravity is in fact the property of what we call NOTHING. Origami Model shows mathematically that all other three fundamental forces (electromagnetic force, weak nuclear force, and strong nuclear force) are various manifestations of gravity. This model shows that gravity is not a force, but the effect of vacuum on order/speed of time. In other words:

Gravity is the Will that Decides the Order and Speed of Time.

We will see soon what we mean by terms such as “will” “order” and “speed” of time. The model demonstrates that time is a quantized entity that is digitalized and noncontinuous, consisting of digits (numbers) that we perceive as information, and these digits are ordered by Gravity. Gravity also affects the density of these digits which manifests itself as the speed of time, which we perceive as the speed of light, and eventually as the speed of events in our world. This simply means that while time is the quantized, interrupted matter, gravity is the analog, continuous command. Gravity is not just pulling a mass. Therefore, we will have comprehensive definitions for mass, time, gravity, location, and velocity. These definitions clarify our vision of the universe and in the end, instead of leaving us baffled and perplexed, we will be relieved by comprehending the most elegant presentation of the cosmos.

In each chapter, together we will discover a new piece and by the end of the book, the entire mystery will be solved. Origami Model clearly explains the causality of what is called Cosmic Inflation and the mechanism of what they call as Expansion of the Universe and it will clarify the nature and quantity of Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Anti-matter as well as the formation of celestial bodies and the nature of black holes and white holes. We will conclude equations to calculate the life span of the universe and to convert time into other modalities such as length and mass which are in fact various manifestations of time, and also to predict the future of a star or a galaxy or the universe as a whole. We will be able to find out how many stars and what number of black holes are there in our universe.

We will see that the world is much easier to understand than what we are told currently because the truth is based on the uniformity of our universe as a whole. This model tells us that above and below, big and small, all follow the same rules. What we consider incredibly small and quantum size, is of an ordinary volume for a virus; and what we see as a gigantic star, is a golf ball for Andromeda. There is no above or below, there is no big or small, such perceptions are due to the relative perception that can deviate us from the elephant in the room.
The Model then extends its domain to the subatomic fields, providing a conclusive mechanism for complex quantum mechanical phenomena such as quantum entanglement, and quantum tunneling and it explains why we experience confusing observations such as superposition and particle-wave duality in the Double Slit Experiment. Origami Model produces a stable, transparent, and rational universe with all its parts possessing definitive positions and certain functions that leave no room for any conflicts. While Standard Model believes that our world is made of mysterious, ultrasmall objects that are particles and at the same time they are waves, Origami Model demonstrates that everything (including light) is only made of quantized particles and it explains the mechanism by which we observe the interference effect and wave feature.

Unlike the standard model that believes “Observing Affects the Outcome” and therefore when you do not look at the moon, it does not necessarily exist, and when you see the particle, it changes its behavior from wave to particle, in the Origami Model we see the object permanence, which means that our world does exist, regardless of our alertness. When James passes away, his car is still parked in his garage.

The new equations provided by this model explain and predict proton decay and color confinement – subjects that have perplexed the scientific community for a long. This model shows that the entire universe is made of only one primary particle, instead of 38 elementary particles in the standard model (the number grows every year). This fundamental corpus that is used as the building unit of our universe is named the Origamon, and it is fundamentally identical to the photon.

All other subatomic particles consist of fused collections of Origamons, therefore the entire population of elementary subatomic particles in the Standard Model is subject of decay. Maybe the most prominent feature of the Origami Model is its ability to finally discover and calculate all the Physical Constant one by one. As we know, these constants have mystified us for centuries. Throughout the book, we will find out together the true nature and the reason we encounter these so-called Constants in our calculations. Then we find equations and discover patterns that can predict the course of our universe. Origami Model, blasphemously reveals to us the hidden secrets: what time really is, how the universe is formed, and where it is going to. We are going to dissect the fundamental entities first and then we will generalize it to ultra-small and ultra-big characters, since As Above So Below. Origami is the Archaic Model. The Way that returns us home, after centuries of painful wandering in the desert.

It might be easier to divide the book into two parts: The first part gives us a simple version of the physics of our universe that is understandable for everyone, and this is the ultimate goal of the mission. However, the second half would provide mathematical equations and complex calculations as well as existing observational evidence to establish the point, for those who rely more on digits than cogent.

Ultimately, convincing a rational mind is the cornerstone of true science, not staging a glorious mathematical theatre starring only numerical characters.

The source of this book is the same as the source of every kind of human knowledge, the inspired mind. The creator has no choice other than to use some of his creations as the channel to shine the way. The truth is permanently present, the hand is only a dancing pen, rewriting it for us.
August 2019