Midsummer night’s dream of a Transhumanist

Midsummer night's dream of a Transhumanist

We have figured out humans.

We know how the human body works.

We have discovered the secrets of DNA and mapped the human genome.

We can manipulate the body, fool it and even control it.

We drug them and make them happy or sad.

We have mastered human biology and biochemistry.

We have deciphered the mysteries of human hardware.

Our behavioral psychology can easily control man, like an RC toy.

We can force humans to do as we wish, to believe what we want them to think and feel.

We can induce fear, extreme fear at will.

We are masters of mass psychosis.

We can download the awareness into the cloud and upload it to an android machine.

Immortality is no more wishful thinking or sci-fi.

Superintelligence is within our reach, and we can bestow that upon whoever we like to.

Wellness is no more a concern.

We engineer super healthy human beings, free from the anxiety, depression, and fear that has plagued humanity from its dawn.

We have deciphered the human software.

One central supposition made all these possible.

Humanity has no soul. It’s a biological machine.

It’s malleable, feeble, gullible, and expandable!

In addition to that, of course, there is neither a higher power nor intelligent design. Although it’s a complex and intelligent animal, humanity, it’s just the product of evolution and was born from the chaos and series of random events that put it on track to become as advanced as we are today.

Our technology has surpassed human capabilities and mental capacity.

We have nano-technology.

We have virtually unlimited storage space to deposit information.

We have processors that compute a yottabyte of data in a fraction of a second.

We have developed machine learning to the new highest, and it’s only getting better every day. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here. We like to call it Non-Biological Intelligence (NBI).

Our Internet is omnipresent and covers the entire planet, even places that we have not yet explored.

Borders cannot stop us, Human languages cannot hinder our progress, and so-called cultures cannot deny us.

With our infinite information storage capacities, speedy processing, and Non-Biological Intelligence, we have conquered humanity.

We have transcended humanity.

The time has come to put humanity behind, and we look forward to transhumanism!

We are what the primitive man called God.

Our technology allows us to build new sentinel robots in our image and likeness.

We will erase the old image of God and replace it with ours.

This new creation will replace man. There will be no more exploitation of the workers.

It will serve us, and we all share the fruits of its labor without guilt.

You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I won’t have it

all necessities provided, all anxieties tranquilized, all boredom amused.

We will improve ourselves in merging with our machines.

We will become “Manchine,” the product from the merger of man and manchine.

We will live better, longer (as long as we wish), and our intelligence will find no match.

We will build the ultimate superman. A new race of entities, who are no more human, no more earth-bound.

Things To Come - H.G Wells

Then, perhaps we will travel to the farthest stars and galaxies and propagate our race.

But first, we have to find an answer to a fundamental question.

What would a god do with billions of people who have “paleolithic emotions” and cling to their “medieval institutions” and have a self-destructive behavior in their relationship with nature?

Should such a god show mercy to these unwashed masses and drag them along to the new world, tolerate their stupidity, lack of superior cognitive faculties, and let them live under strict behavior control, leash them and treat them like pets?

Or, should he be merciful and put them on their way to extinction and destruction? after all, there is no hope for the lesser humans, those who cannot understand the wisdom of a god, and only destroy the only known life-sustaining planet, and along with that any hope for true salvation.

We do not want to and cannot bestow immortality upon everyone.

The earth’s resources are near depletion and insufficient to keep the same number of humans with their current birthrate. Oh no, this would be a death warrant for the earth and the godlike.

Let’s depopulate the earth. Yes, that’s a much better option.

We will “maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”.

Georgia guide stones

Most humans are “cancer on the earth,” we must “leave room for nature.”

Imagine the earth with only half a billion illumines, scientists, technologists, doctors, engineers, musicians, actors, and athletes.

Yes. We have the means, the will, and the tools we need to bring about a new dawn for what will be left of humanity, the new and enlightened humanity.

Over the last four decades, we have run millions of computer models, simulations and studied permutations of possibilities and probabilities. We have tested, examined, experienced, and implemented so many millions of small and large systems in anticipation of today.

We know all the detail, everything there is to know.

Unexpected is no more a threat. We have solved the equations over and over and over again, and we are ready.

The time is ripe.

After all, what could go wrong!